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Only Americans can hurt America. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower"

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Getting Started, what will be taught during the school year?

This wiki will be used as a way for students, parents, and the teacher to keep up with what is happening inside of my U.S. History class. Your son or daughter will be learning about U.S. history with the help of a series of essential questions to guide our research. Each unit will have a different set of essential questions that will explore how things like culture, religion, politics, and differing human perspectives can help us better understand America's past, present, and future. Grades will be based on a combination of in and out of class projects, homework, reading assignments, tests or quizzes, and writing assignments/journal entries. I will be posting class assignments, class notes, test review information, and important announcements for students and parents using this wiki. Parents are welcome to use this website as a way to see what their child has been learning in class, important classroom announcements, and any assignments that are coming up in class.

U.S. History Class Syllabus (subject to change if necessary)

1st Grading Period: Prehistory to 1700's, August 27th to October 24th
Roots of the American People
Europe Looks Outward
Life in the American Colonies
The Road to the American Revolution
Forming a New Nation

2nd Grading Period: 1787 to 1865, October 25th to January 18th
Creating the Constitution
The Launch of the New Republic
The Era of Thomas Jefferson
The Nation Expands Westward
North and South Take Different Paths
The Start of the Civil War

3rd Grading Period: 1865 to 1930's, January 19th to March 28th
The Civil War and Reconstruction
Industry and Urban Growth
Political Reform and the Progressive Era
World War I
The Roaring 20's
The Great Depression and the New Deal

4th Grading Period: 1939 to the 21st Century, March 29th to June 11th
World War II
The United States Enters the Cold War
The Civil Rights Era
The Vietnam Era
New Directions for a Nation
Challenges for a New Century

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